Frida Kahlo is a Barbie

Frida Kahlo Barbie

The company Mattel received a communication from Mara Romero, granddaughter niece of Frida Kahlo, accusing them of unauthorized use of the image of the artist Frida Kahlo for the creation of the series of Barbie dolls "Inspiring Women" in commemoration of the International Day of the woman.

The toy company, Mattel, owner of the brand Barbie, designed a line of dolls called "Inspiring Women" to commemorate International Women's Day. This new line, which launched the March 8, includes dolls Barbie designed to initially represent the image of three admirable women: Amelia Earhart (1897-1939), famous for being the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone and for her attempt at aerial travel around the world; Katherine Johnson (1918-) American physics and mathematics who contributed with the application of digital electronic computers in Nasa in the space race of the 60's years; and Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), Mexican artist.

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Online Course: Survival kit for the music industry

Survival kit for the music industry

The online course is already online "Survival kit for the music industry"Offered by Derecho Rocks through Udemy.

We are very excited. Very. This is the first project (of many) built by Right Rocks that sees the light.

The course program was built to give tools to independent artists, managers and producers to map all the variables that a musical project has.

It points out the elements that make up the music market, to understand how artists relate to each agent of the music industry, and above all, how to take advantage of each opportunity.

Our position, as entertainment lawyers, gives us the opportunity to understand the perspective of each player, -independent artist, manager, music producerl, etc.-

Almost all the professional musicians I know say that "they do not teach you in the academy", this course is an answer to that claim.

The objective is that they can concentrate on what they know how to do: good music; without the anxiety produced by the complexity of the guild.

Sounds good? Sign up now!

Readers of this blog have an 30% discount when registering through this link; and subscribers to our mailing list will receive an 50% as thanks for being there pending the information that we have been presenting.

"I think that there, in other places, there are many songs to be written and discovered." [Interview with Lucio Feuillet]

Lucio Feuillet Interview

We speak with Lucio Feuillet, the most contemporary of the musicians of southern Colombia. He gave us his answers, honest, heartfelt, like the music he makes.

In the 2017 Lucio Feuillet changed the rules of the production of Latin / alternative genre albums.

He released "Provinciano", a video-album, an album recorded live in block, a cohesive album from beginning to end in the era of singles releases.

Reviewed as one of the best albums of the year (and the one I personally heard the most during the past year), "Provinciano" changed the rules. He put the stick too high. He created one more problem for independent musicians - as if they did not have enough - in the best sense. How can a more impactful album be made?

The album counts with the participation of its live musicians and singer-songwriter Marta Gómez, the FatsO group, Javier Andrés Mesa (Guafa Trio), Javier Ojeda (Burning Caravan) and Jairo Paz. Recorded on the stage of Mapa Teatro, the atmosphere envelops and gives an intimate solemnity to each song.

It's a huge leap from "Indicio" (2013) his previous album; his current proposal, increasingly refined, highlights his sounds of southern Colombia. The Galeras volcano is always present in its sound, the "Rs" that sound like "CHs" and the Andean music tradition confronting contemporary pop.

It was a great pleasure for us to talk to Lucio and we hope you are fortunate enough to have purchased tickets for the official release of the album. on Friday 2 of March in theTeatro Estudio, of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (Avenida 170 Street No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria, Bogotá) - For sale in First Row.

In one sentence, how would you describe the music you make.

South, alternative, song and Latin America! It is a music that speaks a little of what I am, what I see and what I want to look for.

What impact does it have to be born next to a volcano?

It is a constant inspiration. We can feel the power of nature daily, the fragility of life and the strong sensitivity for our environment. Also, the volcano teaches us a lot about the value of the word "respect".

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"I'm not bothered by my lyrics" [Interview with Road Ramos]

Interview with Road Ramos

We speak with Road Ramos, Spanish singer-songwriter, fascinating and rebellious.

Road Ramos is a brave voice. We came to her by video on the YouTube channelOpen Micros Session.

We got hooked when he made a version of "The bonfire of the continents" of La Raíz, with a refined and spot on.

And we went through the hole from which you do not return when we heard the "Hymn of silence" and grabbed his music gave us this wonderful interview.

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Plagiarism: Thom Yorke has gastritis and Lana del Rey reasons


Every year there is at least one big case of plagiarism that everyone talks about. This time it arrived fast. Radiohead sued Lana del Rey, arguing that the song "Get Free" (2017) by this artist replicates the iconic "Creep" (1992).

Radiohead sued * Lana del Rey for her song "Get Free" (2017) alleging that plagiarized the melody of "Creep" (1992).

(* Lana del Rey says they sued her, Warner / Chapell released a statement denying this, they can compare the two songs here)

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