What is the right of entertainment?

The right entertainment is all a bit, though nothing new.


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The right of entertainment is a branch of private law that studies the norms that affect the creative industries.

It focuses on intellectual property, but extends to other areas such as image law and commercial business deals that occur in the creative industries market.

Cultural projects or whose axis is an element of content have particularities of market.

In their conformation and short term, they obey their own logics, production times, specific processes in their value chain and defined distribution channels.

In the long run they operate like any company in non-creative sectors. Where they are on the verge of closing every two months, cash flow gives them nightmares and paying the payroll never comes easy.

The key is to know these processes in depth, and to be able to apply the legislation that is relevant to protect and properly manage the project. Even within the same industry each branch has its own logic.

These are some of the creative universes that this blog deals with:

  1. Music
  2. Design
  3. Arts
  4. Plays
  5. Live entertainment
  6. Literature and editorial
  7. Films

It is a bit of everything; And the specialty is urgent in these times. Everything to flavor things.

Discussing the right tools to understand the arts is vital to claiming them; To connect them with other disciplines. Art, culture, entertainment-whatever they may call it-needs to be separated from mere philanthropy and leisure. Entertainment is a growing industry and with increasing participation in the economy (including the Colombian).

Any colleague is welcome to join us in this conversation.


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