The sphere

All parts of the project must point to the same direction, without repeating. It is a matter of congruence. From exploring the many faces you can have the same idea.


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"The notion of a small environment gives its deepest meaning to the council,
When defining the closed form of the story,
What I have already called his sphericity on another occasion. "

- Julio Cortazar
From the short story and its surroundings
(Last round, 1969)


Any artistic project has an infinite number of variables. Our job as creators is to try to have all those variables resolved in a harmonious way. We can begin by identifying the most prominent variables of a project and design each of these spaces.

We must point out the legs of this project. Analyze and evaluate if they point to the same address.

We could borrow tools from another discipline, such asbranding To identify these variables.

Branding: it's the "P] creation process,
Development and brand building.
(...) The brand is not just a logo,
Has to do with what people say,
Feel, think about a product or service.
(...) [S] us values, their DNA, their spirit,
(...) ultimately the branding,
To put a word is the alma
Of everything that is built ".
(Andy Stalman)

The most important thing about a project is its sphericity, its consistency. Pat Patton calls it prosody. That it is nothing else to follow the indications of the Poetics of aristotle when he speaks of the "unity of action". In order for the work to be complete, for a project to be ready, all its elements must, by decision of its creator, point to the same place.

"The rules for me are very simple, your job is to tell a story, that story has a hero, and he (or she) just wants a Thing. "David Mamet would say..

Keeping coherence becomes imperative and increasingly complicated.

The simplest thing should be to be able to step back, to breathe, and to approach our projects with fresh air, as if we were seeing it for the first time. This almost never happens. But we should practice it.

Try to see our creations with new eyes every time.

Even polishing them to perfection.

Until we have a sphere.

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