No video EPKs. Thank you.

Electronic Video Kits (EPKs) have become a common way of accompanying musical and stage proposals. When they focus on telling the story of their creators and interviewing them are not worth it.

The EKPs They do not serve. Those who are video, at least. There is a version of EPK that is in pdf, with good photos, short descriptions and everything hyperlinked. Those are always welcome. But the video, there is a manager who told me that the EPKs that only people who make videos like.

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The problem is that we forget that the EPK video is a promotional tool and has its place within the package to offer the services of an artist.

They are not addressed to the public. They are aimed at buyers / programmers of events.

The public can know the artist through what is published in social networks. That is more eloquent than a cardboard interview.

The buyers / programmers of events, who are interested in knowing how to contract cultural products, to make them circulate, are interested in the producto; and the finished product.In a business conference - or any place where proposals are received or evaluated - we look for:

  • What are you able to do?
  • What is the aesthetic that manages your project?
  • How do you sound live?
  • How do you sound in the studio?
  • How do you look on the stage?
  • How is the production live?

The cruel thing is that all that can be evaluated in less than 5 minutes.

He is rarely interested in the motivations of the one who is doing it, his story, his biography. Even if what interests you is his history and his biography, you already know him before you are watching that video EPK. Or if that is the case - because that background is supremely relevant- Is not a documentary better?

The subject of what you have done, or where you have participated, what your biography, can be easily done in a text where these details are told; a bio well done.

Making a video to promote yourself, in which you introduce yourself is unnecessary; because usually - on a business wheel - you are sitting on the other side of the table. That's why it's more important that you empathize, and give your hand, make a good joke and the other side understand that you are negotiating with someone who is interesting and knows your product.

If you are not close and you are sending the story by mail, the evaluation will be only of the product that is presented.

The EPKs present a cliché story, "Since childhood this has been my passion", "We all have a training in different disciplines and now we come together to make art of truth", "We do this because we are passionate", "Everyone is independent but we love each other as friends"… nothing new. We have all heard of it. We all hope

If all that is true is reflected in the proposal. To say it does not come true.

It is worth reviewing this item.
Look for value as a piece of communication if it makes sense in the project. If it's to tell everyone's story ... it's better to invest that money in a good video clip or a good live session.

The interviewer feels that he strips the artist when he draws these confessions. Clichés.

The stage artist is stripped naked on stage; not in press interviews (and less on YouTube).