What is fashion law?

Fashion Law - Fashion Law

We invited María Juliana Marín (Fashion Lawyer and author of Fashionomista.com ) To explain us what is Fashion Law? a recently created field of law, which directly studies the fashion industry. Specialized lawyers make give more professional advice to creators. This helps them to solve their needs with professionals that understand what is at stake.She wrote this article, giving us many tools for fashion designers, to introduce us to this exciting field, which is as broad as it is cool.


What is Fashion Law?

It is the field of law that is responsible for providing the necessary tools for the protection needed by all members of the production chain in the fashion industry. From copyright protection of the designs, through to the creation of a fashion company, patents for innovative materials and production processes, trademark registrations and industrial designs. A Fashion lawyer Must unite knowledge of commercial law, intellectual property, civil law, consumer protection and even labor law.

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