"I'm excited and look for ways to make YouTube more accessible" [Interview with Javier Arias González]

Interviews - Javier Arias González

We speak with Javier Arias, Engineer, MBA who works as a strategic partner with YouTube and at this moment he is in charge of a project for more development and adoption of YouTube in Africa.

Among other great achievements are: beat a world record when dancing zorba collectively with other 1,671 people over Google and be a tireless cyclist who competes every time he can to continue living to the limit.

I met Javier while I was in Barcelona, ​​he was one of my first teachers, a smiling guy with an air of incredible tranquility. He dictated a subject called "Social Networks, Web 2.0, and New Trends" where we learned about the Internet, Internet service providers (ISP) and other issues related to the network.

We wanted to interview Javier because he is currently dedicated to developing and increasing the use of YouTube in Africa, this means that he is in charge of achieving greater access to the platform in this territory. Also because he is an expert in Internet security and use of personal data; one of the currencies of change of the digital era. Topics that interest us and we want to share.

Social networks and digital platforms take each time of our time, and have become ideal windows and channels to achieve dreams, launch big stars, sell smoke, teach and take education to remote corners and of course have fun, we wanted to know a little more of the topic, so here we leave you with your answers.

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Register your musical project's trademark

Trademark Registration

When creating a musical project, there are many issues that must be addressed from the field of art; Although in the legal also there are issues that must be taken into account. One in particular: your trademark.

From "The 5 most common mistakes of a musical project"There is one I would like to add. Musical projects almost never think of their trademarks.

Musical projects need a name that identifies them, that allows the public to recognize them, ask them on the stage. That name, depending on the quality it has, and the strength of the project, should be protected according to the existing alternatives.

The easiest way to protect the name of a music project is to register it as a trademark.

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