Bonus Tracks: Gaiman, Godin, Silva

In this rampant atheism that owns me. Some voices and minds are needed to seek consolation, light. For me, Seth Godin, Neil Gaiman and Jason Silva.

Brushstroke-fuchsia-web-articles-recommendedThree oracles that have me talking about what they have said for some time now are Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin and Jason Silva.

Neil Gaiman
, storyteller. Fantastic. Narrator of the fantastic. From their books, even their interviews are loaded with everything that can break reality. How to see the everyday with magic.

Seth Godin will say too, author, inspirational. Marketero empernido del marketing of emotions. Inexhaustible advisor. Half of what it says is a checklist for the survival of communication in the 21st century.

Jason Silva, pop philosopher. Since Shots of Awe but also Mental Games in NatGeo, is a contemporary pop culture analyst who helps unlock any conversation.

Bonus Track: Voss, Žižek, Goldsmith

The recognition of the Other as subject, the exaltation of difference to build are crucial to negotiation, psychoanalysis and healthy working environments.


  1. Chris Voss. Everything he wanted to know about negotiation and his mom never explained ... Chris Voss is a former FBI negotiator, an expert on terrorism and kidnappings. The best credentials to negotiate where life is not in danger. 
  2. Slavoj Žižek. Philosopher, cultural critic, acid and contemporary analyst. Recognized for his didactic examples with films; But it is much more than a consumer of junk culture. Žižek uses tools of Lacan's psychoanalysis to seek answers to social behavior, capitalism and expressions of power.
  3. Marshall Goldsmith. A little contrast with the recalcitrant communism of Žižek. Goldsmith is acoach Business, with an eye of human resources. However, its focus is on skills - and almost decency - in the work environment. In a world worried about winning and technique, Goldsmith proposes that what most of the bosses / leaders and members of work teams lack are tools of recognition of the other.






Chris Voss

Slavoj Žižek

Marshall Goldsmith

Bonus Track: Ronson, Adichie, Selasi

Jon Ronson Chimamanda Ngnozi Adichie Taiye Selasi

There TEDtalks That leave the head spinning. To which one often returns to hear with attention.

TEDtalks are the contemporary informational pill format. Some are viral y false. Others touch deep fibers. There are three authors who manage to touch these fibers with premises that seem obvious, but which we ignore with ease.
1. Jon Ronson. Writer, English, journalist, interested in Chronicles of limit and absurd places; Talks about how we judge others by their most perverse edges.

2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. writer, Nigerian, who remembers how we all have a story more complex than that abstracted and diluted abstraction that we believe are stereotypes.

3. Taiye Selasi. writer, Afropolita, daughter of a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother, born in London, raised in Boston, who lives between New York and Delhi. It comes to question where our identity comes from.

Multiple layers. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

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Bonus Track: Top 3 masters of Pop composition

Clay Mills Sheila Davis Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison, Sheila Davis and Clay Mills are masters of composition. Without another message that: you have to be concise. All parties should point to the same place.

Brushstroke-fuchsia-web-articles-recommendedAll elements of a song must be aligned to convey the same message. Thus the message is unstable. So be chaotic. Everything must be intertwined; Without being repetitive; Without tiring.

Composing songs makes me a better lawyer. Best teacher.
It serves as therapy to organize the head.

It must be another form of therapy; Like yoga or coloring mandalas.

  1. Pat PattisonIs the materialization of the lyricist. His books are travel guides -Writting better lyrics"and "Essential guide to rhyming"- mandatory reference and ritual consultation. His phonetic analyzes of English are applicable to Spanish without major traumatisms.
    (FB: / @patpattison TW: / @patpattison)
  2. Sheila Davis wroteThe craft of lyric writting"After evaluating thousands of songs of other composers; Doing a kind of institutional tutoring. There is no other place where the structures of Pop are defined more clearly and the function of each part of the song as in his book.
    (I did not find anywhere a picture of Sheila Davis ... if they have one, they always welcome it)
  3. Clay Mills Is a country songwriter. Part of the duo behind SongTown. They have A composition masterclass, With a comparison between amateurs and professionals, which is worth seeing if you are starting to compose songs. Gold dust.
    (FB: / @claymillsmusic TW: / @claymills)




Class of composition with Pat Patison

Sheila Davis composition book

Sheila davis - The craft of Lyric Writing

Clay Mills

Bonus Track: 3 top of entertainment law teachers

Donald Passman Ari Herstand David Kusek

Donald Passman, David Kusek, and Ari Herstand exemplify, on three generational levels and in different roles, valuable contributions to the entertainment industry.

Brushstroke-fuchsia-web-articles-recommendedThree of the most interesting authors that read about the music industry. Relevant today in the face of digital challenges. Starting points - and arrival points - in many of the topics that we develop here.
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