Plagiarism: Thom Yorke has gastritis and Lana del Rey reasons


Every year there is at least one big case of plagiarism that everyone talks about. This time it arrived fast. Radiohead sued Lana del Rey, arguing that the song "Get Free" (2017) by this artist replicates the iconic "Creep" (1992).

Radiohead sued * Lana del Rey for her song "Get Free" (2017) alleging that plagiarized the melody of "Creep" (1992).

(* Lana del Rey says they sued her, Warner / Chapell released a statement denying this, they can compare the two songs here)

These discussions of similarity always have conflicting positions.

The plaintiff sees everything the same,
those who defend themselves claim originality.

The discourse is always the same and equally the two sides can be right.

It's simple: if you do your own work, you develop it with your own creativity and come up with a solution that reflects it is an original work. With that, it should be enough. With that we could defend ourselves.

Different thing is to take someone else's work and publish it as such; or build on this work (build little) and take it all as your own.

What I want to highlight here is that in these cases each of the parties has an "accurate" perspective. Radiohead can see that "Get Free" is similar to "Creep" and Lana del Rey says he wrote it without being inspired by that song.

What do we have left then?

To argue that it was a subject of "unconscious inspiration" like George Harrisón round. The Chiffons?

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13 errors that only beginners make (2017)

All of our interviews are forced to answer the question "What is a mistake that only beginners make?".

This list will continue to grow, with the hope that one day we will stop being beginners.


An error that only beginners make?


"Go out and sing without tuning XD"

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview-The Kanka (Songwriter)

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"Show things done or created before finishing them".

Maria Linares - CreativeMomings-María Linares
(CreativeMornings / BOG Manager)

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"Sign contracts without hiring a lawyer".

Interview Pedrina and Rio- Pedrina (Songwriter)

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"To think that everything will be easy and fast."

Interview Elsa and Elmar-Elsa and Elmar (Cantautora)

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"Believe that one lives to be a blogger".

@FatPandora-Adriana Convers (Fashion Blogger - @FatPandora)

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Stephany Contreras - MusicMuv-Stephany Contreras (Co-founder of Music Muv)

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"Sin of conservatives and not risk to create a product with differential attributes."

Dani Aragón - Musicalizza-Dani Aragón (Expert in music marketing -Musicalizza)

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"Be dazzled by the first offer that comes to them."

Nicolás Mateus Manager Esteman-Nicolás Mateus (Music manager - Los Manejadores [Colombia])

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"Believe in fairy tales."

Andrés Correa-Andrés Correa (Songwriter)

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"Do not read the fine print."

César Gómez - Uonset-César Gómez (CEO of Uonset)

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"Be mediocre and conformist."

Raúl Gutiérrez (Director of Cinema)-Raúl Gutiérrez (Film Director)

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"Your goals are dreams."

Elkin Robinson- Elkin Robinson (Songwriter)

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"I would like to be a beginner always. I'm great at making mistakes. They work so well for me even when I try my best to avoid them. But there is an enthusiasm, a curiosity, a naïveté, a freedom in the position of the beginner ... that are the maximum for creativity, for life, for courage, to find freshness, to be and to let it be (art, music, life) ".

Interview Torreblanca- Juan Manuel Torreblanca (Songwriter)

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Opening image credits:"Facepalm" by BobSymbols (CC-BY)


Neither so neat nor so gross

gross grandchild

The discounts (contributions to social security, withholdings at source and others) are like a very sophisticated insult that every independent wants to flee ... although it should not.

Label: Right of EntertainmentThe issue of discounts should not generate so many problems. Every day someone receiving their payment casts the "But I negotiate net", "You have to take my discounts and my taxes".

… but why?

Why do I have to take the taxes of another?

The issue would have been solved with raising the price a little.

With knowing from the beginning how much discount they will make.

Calculators are already invented. They were invented some time ago. Excel does his thing ... and it's not that complicated.

It looks like a scold, passive-aggressive, a little. But follow me.

Deep down the discussion of "net" or "gross" is to want to move to another to have control of certain information. When should we be in control of that information?

We should know what is being done.
How much is being left
and why it is being subtracted;
even, understand each of these concepts.

The point, to a large extent, is that if they apply to us, and subtract them, it is because they touch us to assume them.

We should control them.

The good news is that at least our position we know it, and in almost all the times the same conditions apply.

When we move the decision to another, we do it thinking that that other "Will know better", or "There you will see how it solves it", "That's your problem".

The condition we have may not be repeated as often as we think.

We can be actors by charging you to a theater, and it would be normal. We could be actors charging a construction company for an act on their holiday party ... and it would be an anomaly.

and is applied in different ways.

For the one who is doing the executive production the net kills him when planning, there can exist as many positions as subjects; and no, it does not work with "Then pop the 10% to everything".

The position itself is solved by asking a counter friend ... (everyone has a friend accountant).

If not, a neighbor, a cousin, ultimatelyHome.

The subtraction of concepts should not take away the dream. It should allow us to have the control to plan, to know in advance, to understand what we charge and where it goes.



What did we learn from Star Wars?

Star Wars

The most impressive thing about George Lucas is that he made a fortune from only one clause of his contract as director of Star Wars.

Brush of Entertainment

El Skywalker Ranch He did not buy himself. Better, that money did not come overnight after the premiere of Star Wars. The greatness of George Lucas, in fact rests on having negotiated a correct clause within his management contract of the Star Wars saga.

The myth is this: Long ago in a very far galaxy George Lucas agreed to cut his remuneration by half as director of Star Wars so as to be the owner of the rights ofmerchandisingand derivatives of the film.

[Read article: What is a contract reviewed?]

In hindsight, that negotiation allowed him to receive millions of dollars in all the figures, video games, clothes, novels, comics, licenses and other derivatives.

In strict order Star Wars in a movie. By its acceptance and traction is also a universe that can be exploited in many ways.

The works are small individual pieces of what the authors do; the author is the owner of this small work and also has the exclusive power to adapt it. To change her language. Turn it into something else if you want.

[Read article: Negotiating 4 tips: time, territory, use and window.]

Star Wars is the example of a great product with multiple additional uses and endless possibilities of adaptation. It is surprising that they have not produced a large format musical on Broadway (yet).

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What goes with the domain names

Domain Names

A key part of a creative project is its name. An essential part of that name is that it can be used.

Label: Right of EntertainmentBrands are one thing. Domain names (presence on the internet) are something else. Not very different; But another thing.

You have to get there first. Same as with brands.

But its use is not limited to a single country. Good. If we consider that Internet It is not a country.

It is important to check the availability of the name with which the project is being baptized, to ensure that its presence on the internet is quiet and not to be surprises. The more homogeneous the better.

A great tool for reviewing the availability of domain names and social networking users is Namechk.

Over a name we end up overturning a lot of emotional ties; It is preferable to save the penalties, invest a little time in reviewing the availability and then opt for the name.

Having a domain name does not guarantee that we have a brand. That depends on the registration in each territory. One thing no Leads to the other.

And that we have a brand does not necessarily grant rights on the accounts of users in social networks. That depends on each social network, but they almost always go with the rule of "Step first, step hard".

The first choice of name is not always the strongest, and surely someone else has already thought about it and uses it. Do not be discouraged. Check it out.

Register your musical project's trademark