The most important thing is to have a speech behind, to move you and identify you [Interview to Adriana Convers @FatPandora]


We interviewed Adriana Convers (@FatPandora), one of the most important fashion bloggers in Colombia. We talk about almost everything important in life, of power jackets, of having feet in the ground, of empanadas and of influencer marketing.

Adriana Convers, under her pseudonym @Fatpandora, is one of the most effective names in the circles of bloggers fashion, influencers and fashion journalism in Colombia. Your name appears associated with the lists of curvy bloggers to know (El País),plus-size latinas know to understand that weight is not everything (Buzzfeed)and Colombians with more style in Instagram (Publimetro).

He found his edge with a banner he carries with pride: challenging the fashion industry to talk about style with big sizes (and makes it clear that "size L is not plus-size "). And not just talk about the marketplus-size, give it content; break the logic that mannequins are the only form of beauty and refute the idea that weight and style are not compatible. Understand that offering a bigger size does not mean designing for that user. As what he sought to do Megan Trainor with the music… but more consistent. Fat Pandora publishes its blog from 2012 and has built its digital environment in multiple platforms, mainly in Instagram.

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We are the Rock of Providence Island before the arrival of electricity [Interview with Elkin Robinson]

Elkin Robinson
Elkin Robinson is a wonderful Colombian musician From Providencia, in the archipelago of San Andrés, we fill the soul of caribbean folk. It is the Caribbean personified. Talking to him is a delight, for his tranquility, for his point of view. Bilingualism, the good vibe, the stoicism of an island that has everything if we ask what is right; In a conversation with Elkin you can cover a sea of ​​subjects. We were able to interview him to know what he thinks about Colombian music, the Caribbean and what is happening in the music industry today.
Elkin Robinson released his second album earlier this year. A more concrete sound, loaded with roots, nestled in the Caribbean folk. Without excuses, Elkin is a Colombian musician who distributes the sounds of the Caribbean with pride and to whom he listens to listen.
He sings in English, in Creole;Gives his interviews in Spanish and in spanglish, All in perfect harmony. Their songs are the perfect antidote to a complicated day. They unravel the mind. They force you to smile.
With traditional instruments of the islands, jaw and jars as a base of percussion are infecting us in their way positive.In a scenario is incredible, full of energy, prove that it is not a matter of great distortion or voice compressors to move masses and get us to dance.

We spoke in Medellín, in Circulart, for you, the Caribbean is a country? A culture?

What is the Caribbean for you?

For me the caribbean is a family, which shares a culture, a history and the same nostalgia.

What do your songs have in common?

It's an ironic song, where truth is not seen above, it is like pretending to be what you are forced to be, but below you are still yourself. It is also nostalgic and yet full of joy.

It is the moan of a spirit renouncing its enslaved body, to return to Africa.

Calypso, mentó and zouk are Colombian songs?

They want to be. Calypso comes from Trinidad, the Mento of Jamaica, the Zouk of Martinique. But all have influenced the island, however there are other very traditional rhythms on the island, such as Polka, Chotice, Mazurca etc. That deserve more this opportunity, not only to be cataloged Colombian music, but world heritage.

What is the most important thing in a song?

If there is something more important than music and lyrics in a song, it is certainly the message.

What are the most frequent obstacles you find in the Colombian music industry?

The division into two scenes: commercial and independent. So in the commercial everything sounds the same, the same letters, beats, they all dress the same, they speak the same and there are better economic opportunities, in the independent there is much cultural variety, of sounds, originality, rebellion, there is a social objective, but all this is Too good to be commercial and so does not have much economic value.

For this reason both are not in a single package and that is a great obstacle, both for the independent musician who is not well paid, and for the commercial artist, who we do not force him to make music, lyrics and messages of Quality.

What would or would be the equivalent ofRock (or rock)From the musics of the caribbean?

Jam. Lego Jam So Music.

Rock to the park, Second round What did you present to see this time?

We have come much closer to that Caribbean Folk sound. The new songs have a new color.

How do you add moreRock to Rock to the Park?

In these three years of the project we have explored since Calypso, mento, country. But really in our project, it is a single genre: The Caribbean Folk.

The instruments we use are 100% Folk, we are the Rock of Providence Island before the arrival of electricity.

What is yourGreatest hit?

Avoid the negative and destructive. Be in the mood positive.


I am writing a book that makes me lose the notion of the present and takes me back to nostalgia. That excites me.

Inspiration, luck or talent?

Inspiration is an insurmountable engine and when it comes to talent, there is no luck.

Why creating more?

Creativity is the heart of art, we create more because it is necessary to express the same in a thousand different ways, again and again.

An error that only beginners commit:

Your goals are dreams.

A mistake that even the professionals make:

Believe You know what you learned in a book.

What good is a lawyer in the arts?

For issues of copyright, advice, contracts.

Why do not you need a lawyer in the arts?

For everything else

A phrase that is powdered gold:

"No one misses the water until the well runs dry."

ARockstarOf Caribbean music?

Mighty Sparow.


For the film directors in Santander (An interview with Raúl Gutiérrez)

Raúl Gutiérrez (Director of Cinema)

We spoke to Raúl Gutiérrez, colombian movie director. He won the "Make It Short" contest (a contest organized by Antonio Banderas to support new talents) with his short film "Mi primer amor" ("My first love") . Raúl is encouraging a generation of new film directors born in Santander to continue showing their work and continue contributing to Colombian cinema.


Why making films in Colombia?

To express ourselves, to get excited, to cry and to laugh, but also to contribute to the growth of an exciting and growing industry that helps building the recent history of our country.

Can you study film production in Colombia?

Of course you can study here, I studied at UNAB in Bucaramanga, my hometown. What happened is that I also studied in Paris a master's degree in La Sorbonne; studying in another country is an experience that continues to enrich my learning process. With this I do not want to diminish importance colombian cinema studies, because there are very good universities here, whose students have been able to participate in lots of international film festivals.

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You can say anything in a song. [Interview with El Kanka]

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview

We speak with El Kanka, a Spanish songwriter who has made his mark in Colombia. A cool songwriter, bold with his lyrics, of which we also know that the best must be to come.

Brushstroke - Interviews

This Malaga (from Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, do not Malaga, Santander, Colombia) Has been composing his songs for many years. Many of them have been shared since the YouTube channel Open Mic SessionAnd from Youtube have found their audience.

Three albums after starting to sign with his own name, multiple concerts in Spain and a tour of Colombia, we find a figure who is a reference of the songwriters of this generation.

Many of us heard his music (in Colombia), by his own power found his niche on the other side of the Atlantic.

A type loaded with good humor, that scatters it even in the videos in which he invites to his concerts, he shapes it in the video clips of his songs, in the stories that counts between song and song in his presentations, in the titles that he puts .

-The prize for the best title is taken from his first EP
Of models now condemned to
Dark corners of the internet "Sadder is stealing" -

Their songs have very long, intelligent verses, of complicated rhymes. Songs that make you smile because they tell you something close to the heart; But not for heartbreaking or tearful love stories. Near. Of daily complicity. Play with our attention. Some may even be tongue twisters.

The Kanka entangles us with his songs. It envelops us and accompanies us when we need to go outside to walk, to scream or to enjoy life.

He responded graciously to our questions and we are happy to share his answers with you.

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There is nothing more powerful than collaborating with other people [Interview with Maria Linares]

Maria Linares - CreativeMomings

María Linares is a composer, singer and cultural manager. We talked to her about her personal projects and about CreativeMornings Bogotá.

Brushstroke - Interviews

Mary is the driving force behind the Creativemornings / Bogotá, An event that in the creative circle is gaining more fans. There are different spaces, free of charge, with luxury guests, talking about themes that move the creative character of the attendees who learn of the event by subscribing to aNewsletter.

He composes music for cinema and television, one of his songs is the curtain of the web series "Susana and Elvira". As a songwriter she is on the verge of releasing her own album, which is almost ready and we are anxious to listen. Multitasker and lovely, we had the pleasure of doing this interview.

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