How to enter the radar of your audience?

How to enter the radar of the audience? Cultural marketing

The most common evil of cultural projects is the lack of attention to their strategies of cultural promotion and marketing.

There is an evil that pummels most cultural projects without mercy. The lack of audience. The world does not know its existence. Some cultural projects are widely known; for its quality -or its lack of quality-, for its messages, for the impact they generate. Others, simply, always move off the radar.

Many of the projects that are being formed take note of what the large dissemination spaces are doing and replicate it. The verbatim. Without wondering if those strategies are valid for the stage in which your own project is.

In many Blogs of self-help, with corny self-improvement phrases, they affirm: "Do not compare your Chapter One with Chapter Twenty of someone else" least in that they are right.

Promotion strategies have sizes and not all of them are left to everyone.

To my acting students - I am a copyright professor at an acting academy - I always ask them: When was the last time you went to a play because you saw a sign in a bakery? They rarely have an answer. Rarely do they concentrate on thinking about how they make the decision to go to that new work, in which their friend is the protagonist or wrote her dramaturgy teacher.

The bad habit that condemns cultural projects is not to sit down to think about their promotion strategies at the same time as the creation of the content. Leave it to the end. Leave it at random.

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No video EPKs. Thank you.

Without EPK Video

Electronic Video Kits (EPKs) have become a common way of accompanying musical and stage proposals. When they focus on telling the story of their creators and interviewing them are not worth it.

The EKPs They do not serve. Those who are video, at least. There is a version of EPK that is in pdf, with good photos, short descriptions and everything hyperlinked. Those are always welcome. But the video, there is a manager who told me that the EPKs that only people who make videos like.

The problem is that we forget that the EPK video is a promotional tool and has its place within the package to offer the services of an artist.

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The sphere


All parts of the project must point to the same direction, without repeating. It is a matter of congruence. From exploring the many faces you can have the same idea.


"The notion of a small environment gives its deepest meaning to the council,
When defining the closed form of the story,
What I have already called his sphericity on another occasion. "

- Julio Cortazar
From the short story and its surroundings
(Last round, 1969)


Any artistic project has an infinite number of variables. Our job as creators is to try to have all those variables resolved in a harmonious way. We can begin by identifying the most prominent variables of a project and design each of these spaces.

We must point out the legs of this project. Analyze and evaluate if they point to the same address.

We could borrow tools from another discipline, such asbranding To identify these variables.

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Where do cultural projects coexist?

Cultural projects

Yes, you are unique. Your mother repeats it all the time. Yet. But as far as creative projects are concerned, that may not be the important thing - or the only thing important.

Talent is taken for granted. That is not a differentiating element, nor of value.

"And if I am virtuous?"


If you do something, we hope you do well. In the two dimensions of talent: both the innate and the built drop by drop.

Cultural products are part of a universe. They live side by side with other products that are similar.

What you do is not isolated.

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Creating is a vital drive [Interview with Andrés Correa]

Andrés Correa

We interview singer-songwriter Andrés Correa; Who is presenting these days his new album: "Ocaso". We talk about Rock, as an attitude, and that songwriters are not on the verge of extinction.

Their last album is titled "Ocaso", that has a song in which Pedro Guerra participates, "Aurora". That play on words tangle. It is intentional. His lyrics are also tangled and intentional. Their songs are inhabited by ghosts and memories - painful, joyful, cruel and latent; Stories of cities, of people against cities, of people, of stories of others.

Andrés Correa is a sincere singer-songwriter. From that kind of interpreter that on a stage is crumbling, sings with the soul torn and excited to whoever wants to hear it. Who dares to sing in a country where everything that happens on stage is haunted by a cry of Güepajé. A generous guy, who in his concerts quotes verses of his friends between songs.

His concerts are an experience of immersion, auroras and sunsets.

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