Brands: you have to get there first, and you have to know how to get there


The most important thing about brands is that you have to register them. The other is that you must use them.

Copyright is benevolent with works. You can not register it and it is yours as long as you believe it. You can stop using it and the same property rights expire 80 years after you stretch the leg.

With the marks, no. You have to get there first and you have to know how to get there (sorry Jose Alfredo).

Even, it must be checked that someone else is not the owner before embarking All your energies and your investment in a project that should be called different from the beginning.

The registration office has An online search engine, Where are all the brands that have requested.

Industrial property is stricter than copyright in its formalities. Therefore, we must take into account:

  1. You have to identify which brands are developing the project; There are many, they are not just logos and names.
  2. The trademark must be registered with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (in Colombia).
  3. Choose the right category; One or more.
  4. You have to pay a fee to have it reviewed and granted; Nothing is free in life.
  5. All the requirements and adjustments required by the SIC must be met in order not to lose momentum.
  6. You have to use it after you get it. If you do not use the mark, someone else can ask for the cancellation.
  7. It has to be renewed in time (after 10 years).

What's up with Gene Simmons?

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons can be many things. Among other, one must emphasize that he is a millionaire for exploiting his intellectual property; his trademarks in particular.

Gene Simmons can be many things.

A bass player.

An eccentric with a thing for black and white makeup and leather dressing.

A composer of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

A millionaire for exploiting his intellectual property.

KISS is great, not only for its music, but for the extravagant and varied that can be its merchandising. With that paraphernalia have generated millions of dollars in income. Licensing the rights to the image of the band and its main brand ("KISS") Mr. Simmons has made a fortune.

Last week Gene Simmons applied to the United States intellectual property office? (Like the emoji ... but with the thumb extended).

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Register your musical project's trademark

Trademark Registration

When creating a musical project, there are many issues that must be addressed from the field of art; Although in the legal also there are issues that must be taken into account. One in particular: your trademark.

From "The 5 most common mistakes of a musical project"There is one I would like to add. Musical projects almost never think of their trademarks.

Musical projects need a name that identifies them, that allows the public to recognize them, ask them on the stage. That name, depending on the quality it has, and the strength of the project, should be protected according to the existing alternatives.

The easiest way to protect the name of a music project is to register it as a trademark.

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