Kit de supervivencia para la industria de la música

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Kit de supervivencia para la industria musical

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Posted by Derecho Rocks on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Law and Entertainment (PUJ)

This is the open elective program of"Right and entertainment"At the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota (est. 2017)
[COURSE ID: 2206]

IntroductionBrushstroke-web-right-of-entertainment-copy Entertainment, Culture and Market Introduction: work, interpretation, image and marks
Everyone wants a piece of cake Actors in the
Entertainment industry
What is the value of a cultural project? The work as the central object of the Copyright
General principles
The monkeys and their selfies Other principles of
Auxiliary principles
Not all that glitters is gold Moral rights
And patrimonial
I can do
Shirts with that?
Exceptions to
Related Laws
The public secret Interpreters and performers
Related rights
The Remix Culture Creative Commons
Copy | left

Putting the concepts against the ropes Case study: room 316
Contracts and implementationBrushstroke-web-right-of-entertainment-copy The head of George Lucas Transmission of
Patrimonial rights
Nothing new under the sun Contracts in
I will follow you wherever you go Copyright
Brands and imageBrushstroke-green-web-copy Where to get there first
(And you have to know how to get there)
Industrial property
Why is Kim Kardashian's ass worth his weight in gold? Image rights
Privacy vs. image
Limits of the image right
From Orson Wells to Yuya Creations on the Internet
It's a question of synchrony Case study:
Musical Project / Audiovisual Project
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