Bonus Track: 3 Top of Millenial Problem Decrypters


Starting is necessary. Imperative. To continue is imminent.

It is also not letting ourselves be discouraged. Between millenials we understand each other.


This blog deals with issues of law and entertainment, but I also want to leave a space to launch some complementary ideas.

In 2016 I found 3 videos that managed to unclog many of the projects I had. These three characters catalog them as decipherers of the Millenial problem.

  1. Alain de Botton And its initiative in The School of Life. A YouTube channel with all the emotional education we've missed. With a splendid and hypnotic locution.
  2. Adam Conover And his series Adam Ruins Everything. Following the scientific proclamation that would say "It is better to know that we continue to deceive ourselves". It further alleges that Millenials do not exist... and he's right.
  3. Simon Sinek With the best slap planted in the cheek of a "Millenial ".

Creative projects need an immense amount of consistency; perseverance. I consider that a blog of these characteristics requires the same. Here a couple of Bonus tracks.

"That's why, thanks, YouTube, for everything you give us"
- Fernando Moreno ... in any video of Tyrants Tremble

Alain de Botton - School of Life

Adam Conover - Adam Ruins Everything

Simon Sinek - Understanding The Game We're Playing


Impact Hub Global Network (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Startwithwh (CC BY-SA 3.0)