"I think that there, in other places, there are many songs to be written and discovered." [Interview with Lucio Feuillet]

Lucio Feuillet Interview

We speak with Lucio Feuillet, the most contemporary of the musicians of southern Colombia. He gave us his answers, honest, heartfelt, like the music he makes.

In the 2017 Lucio Feuillet changed the rules of the production of Latin / alternative genre albums.

He released "Provinciano", a video-album, an album recorded live in block, a cohesive album from beginning to end in the era of singles releases.

Reviewed as one of the best albums of the year (and the one I personally heard the most during the past year), "Provinciano" changed the rules. He put the stick too high. He created one more problem for independent musicians - as if they did not have enough - in the best sense. How can a more impactful album be made?

The album counts with the participation of its live musicians and singer-songwriter Marta Gómez, the FatsO group, Javier Andrés Mesa (Guafa Trio), Javier Ojeda (Burning Caravan) and Jairo Paz. Recorded on the stage of Mapa Teatro, the atmosphere envelops and gives an intimate solemnity to each song.

It's a huge leap from "Indicio" (2013) his previous album; his current proposal, increasingly refined, highlights his sounds of southern Colombia. The Galeras volcano is always present in its sound, the "Rs" that sound like "CHs" and the Andean music tradition confronting contemporary pop.

It was a great pleasure for us to talk to Lucio and we hope you are fortunate enough to have purchased tickets for the official release of the album. on Friday 2 of March in the Teatro Estudio, of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (Avenida 170 Street No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria, Bogotá) - For sale in First Row.

In one sentence, how would you describe the music you make.

South, alternative, song and Latin America! It is a music that speaks a little of what I am, what I see and what I want to look for.

What impact does it have to be born next to a volcano?

It is a constant inspiration. We can feel the power of nature daily, the fragility of life and the strong sensitivity for our environment. Also, the volcano teaches us a lot about the value of the word "respect".

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"I'm not bothered by my lyrics" [Interview with Road Ramos]

Interview with Road Ramos

We speak with Road Ramos, Spanish singer-songwriter, fascinating and rebellious.

Road Ramos is a brave voice. We came to her by video on the YouTube channel Open Micros Session.

We got hooked when he made a version of "The bonfire of the continents" of La Raíz, with a refined and spot on.

And we went through the hole from which you do not return when we heard the "Hymn of silence" and grabbed his music gave us this wonderful interview.

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"Creating is what keeps me excited" [Interview with Elsa and Elmar]

Interview Elsa and Elmar
We talk to Elsa and Elmar, the queen of spiritual pop.

Last week I was at the concert Caloncho in a bar in Bogotá. The Mexican band was opening Technicolor Fabrics and they invited Juan Pablo Vega to sing a song with them.

A group of people next to me asked, "You have not heard Elsa and Elmar?—

They should, I thought.
They should.

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You can say anything in a song. [Interview with El Kanka]

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview

We speak with El Kanka, a Spanish songwriter who has made his mark in Colombia. A cool songwriter, bold with his lyrics, of which we also know that the best must be to come.

Brushstroke - Interviews

This Malaga (from Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, do not Malaga, Santander, Colombia) Has been composing his songs for many years. Many of them have been shared since the YouTube channel Open Mic Session and from Youtube they have found their audience.

Three albums after starting to sign with his own name, multiple concerts in Spain and a tour of Colombia, we find a figure who is a reference of the singer-songwriters of this generation.

Many of us heard his music (in Colombia), by his own power found his niche on the other side of the Atlantic.

A type loaded with good humor, that scatters it even in the videos in which he invites to his concerts, he shapes it in the video clips of his songs, in the stories that counts between song and song in his presentations, in the titles that he puts .

-The prize for the best title is taken from his first EP
Of models now condemned to
dark corners of the internet "More sad is stealing" -

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There is nothing more powerful than collaborating with other people [Interview with Maria Linares]

Maria Linares - CreativeMomings

María Linares is a composer, singer and cultural manager. We talked to her about her personal projects and about CreativeMornings Bogotá.

Brushstroke - Interviews

Mary is the force that drives the chapter of Creativemornings / Bogotá, an event that in the creative circle is gaining more followers. They inhabit diverse, free spaces, with luxury guests, talking about themes that move the creative character of the attendees who find out about the event by subscribing to a Newsletter.

He composes music for cinema and television, one of his songs is the curtain of the web series "Susana and Elvira" As a singer-songwriter she is on the verge of releasing her own album, which is almost ready and we are eager to listen. Multitasker and charming, we had the pleasure of doing this interview.

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