You can say anything in a song. [Interview with El Kanka]

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview

We speak with El Kanka, a Spanish songwriter who has made his mark in Colombia. A cool songwriter, bold with his lyrics, of which we also know that the best must be to come.

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This Malaga (from Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, do not Malaga, Santander, Colombia) Has been composing his songs for many years. Many of them have been shared since the YouTube channel Open Mic SessionAnd from Youtube have found their audience.

Three albums after starting to sign with his own name, multiple concerts in Spain and a tour of Colombia, we find a figure who is a reference of the songwriters of this generation.

Many of us heard his music (in Colombia), by his own power found his niche on the other side of the Atlantic.

A type loaded with good humor, that scatters it even in the videos in which he invites to his concerts, he shapes it in the video clips of his songs, in the stories that counts between song and song in his presentations, in the titles that he puts .

-The prize for the best title is taken from his first EP
Of models now condemned to
Dark corners of the internet "Sadder is stealing" -

Their songs have very long, intelligent verses, of complicated rhymes. Songs that make you smile because they tell you something close to the heart; But not for heartbreaking or tearful love stories. Near. Of daily complicity. Play with our attention. Some may even be tongue twisters.

The Kanka entangles us with his songs. It envelops us and accompanies us when we need to go outside to walk, to scream or to enjoy life.

He responded graciously to our questions and we are happy to share his answers with you.

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There is nothing more powerful than collaborating with other people [Interview with Maria Linares]

Maria Linares - CreativeMomings

María Linares is a composer, singer and cultural manager. We talked to her about her personal projects and about CreativeMornings Bogotá.

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Mary is the driving force behind the Creativemornings / Bogotá, An event that in the creative circle is gaining more fans. There are different spaces, free of charge, with luxury guests, talking about themes that move the creative character of the attendees who learn of the event by subscribing to aNewsletter.

He composes music for cinema and television, one of his songs is the curtain of the web series "Susana and Elvira". As a songwriter she is on the verge of releasing her own album, which is almost ready and we are anxious to listen. Multitasker and lovely, we had the pleasure of doing this interview.

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Creating is a vital drive [Interview with Andrés Correa]

Andrés Correa

We interview singer-songwriter Andrés Correa; Who is presenting these days his new album: "Ocaso". We talk about Rock, as an attitude, and that songwriters are not on the verge of extinction.

Their last album is titled "Ocaso", that has a song in which Pedro Guerra participates, "Aurora". That play on words tangle. It is intentional. His lyrics are also tangled and intentional. Their songs are inhabited by ghosts and memories - painful, joyful, cruel and latent; Stories of cities, of people against cities, of people, of stories of others.

Andrés Correa is a sincere singer-songwriter. From that kind of interpreter that on a stage is crumbling, sings with the soul torn and excited to whoever wants to hear it. Who dares to sing in a country where everything that happens on stage is haunted by a cry of Güepajé. A generous guy, who in his concerts quotes verses of his friends between songs.

His concerts are an experience of immersion, auroras and sunsets.

Are the singer-songwriters on the verge of extinction?

No, on the contrary! More and more musicians of different genres "come out of the closet" and declare themselves singers. The song is always the first love and is common to all genres and styles. If someone cultivates the love of letters and songs. If someone cultivates the love of letters and songs as pieces of art, for me he is a singer-songwriter.

What is the rock For a singer-songwriter?

El rock Can be a vehicle for the song, I have made several rock albums for example. He rock I could be a lifestyle too and an attitude but also a pose. There are many powerful and well-produced songs that have more cheesy lyrics than the worst romantic ballad you can imagine. In that sense, the rock, Is also a pose.

What is yourGreatest Hit?

Of my songs? The last track that is playing is "Your ghost". I do not know if it reaches so much, same in the world in which I move there are not great hits. There are issues that become meaningful to some people and that is important to me.

Which project in which you are involved today is the one that most excites you?

At this moment I am releasing my new album "Sunset", A very risky album from the musical and it is a challenge to sustain it live. Clearly it is not a rock record, it is made with very little elements and the lyrics are not very pop Let's say ... we are going to present it in many cities this year and the subject of advancement "Your ghost"It's already ringing out there.

I do not know if it excites me but I'm glad that everything is marching. Same, we just started!

What is the panorama of music in Colombia?

I feel it is a very broad picture in that the songwriters are cataloged in many different genres. In all festivals, places, radios and ears there is room for songwriters. Some friends play Rock at the park, others at jazz festivals, at the Stereo Picnic. I do not know if there is songwriter music or even if you can talk about author music.

I feel more colleague of a musician than heavy metal That makes good lyrics than a self-styled singer-songwriter who does not write well ...

Inspiration, luck or talent?

Work, perseverance and patience.

Why creating more?

Because there is no other option for who is creative.

More than a choice to create is a vital drive.

An error that only beginners commit:

Believe in fairy tales.

A mistake that even the professionals make:

To doubt the way.

What good is a lawyer in the arts?

To the extent that art is marketed or distributed, a thousand edges emerge. In that sense lawyers are important in these processes. The subject of copyright is very important but we also often face issues that have more to do with commercial law.

More than for "art" are important for artists who want to protect their work or income derived from it.

Why do not you need a lawyer in the arts?

When to create.

A verse in a song that is gold powder:

First you have to know how to suffer, /
Then love
Then leave /
And at last walk without thought.
Homero Expósito in "Naranjo in bloom"

A singer-songwriterRockstar

Bob Dylan From the more  Rockstar]