Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

The pitch is not an author's patrimonial right. It is a sort of exclusivity. He agrees with the artist, he can relapse on his works; But it is an Anglicism in all its splendor.

Label: Right of Entertainment
El pitch Is the launch in baseball. Also, the perfect phrasing metaphor to make an offer. It's throwing an idea. Propose a good business to a buyer.

Some management or special representation agreements include mentions of the exclusive right of "Pitch".

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What is a contract reviewed?


Most counseling for cultural projects involves reviewing contracts. Apparently it's a simple task, but it has its complex side, like everything else.

Label: Right of Entertainment

Contracts come in many forms. I'm not surprised by the high value people give to a written agreement, and the level of commitment they feel when signing.

That is why the agreement must be complete, spherical. It should be clear to both parties. It must be transparent why they came to each point, how they will comply and make sure they do. Lawyers are like crows, thinking badly about the future, hoping it will never happen and see how that scenario is resolved with the agreement.

The contracts are of plasticine, and must be molded to the reality of each business.

It is never wrong to ask for an explanation or an adjustment before signing.
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