What credits does Max Martin deserve?

Max martin

Max Martin is the definition of pop since the year 2000; As a songwriter of hits, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, until Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd y Justin Timberlake, In the imposition of the Swedish sound to the American pop, Max Martin challenges all the definitions of composition to which the copyright adapted.

Label: CopyrightAt the end of the 90's Max Martin was a DJ and producer, made songs and had world exposure with All That She Wants Of Ace of Base. The hits began with "I want it that wayBy Backstreet Boys; But to list the hits this would be a different text.

The pop production changed after 2000. The technique of music and letter that precedes to the production was replaced by a composition version closer to the freestyleof the hip hop, What is known as Track & hook.

One thing asGinza (If you need reggaetton dale)Of J. Balvin does not leave sitting on a piano - neither should he. He finishes shutting himself in a recording studio with the beats Armed, turn on the microphone, throw rhymes and ideas, hit a good hook and from there build the song.

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