Harry Potter and the Socialist Theater

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In Havana, the theater company El Público, presented in December of the 2016 an unauthorized spin-off of the Harry Potter book series by JK Rowling.

"The Cursed Child"Is one thing, "Harry Potter: The Magic Is Over" Is another very different.

The play that is presented in West End tries to claim the epilogue that all fans prefer to forget that existed. JK Rowling supervised his adaptation, and left it to Jack Thorne to continue the story. On the other hand, the Cuban version retakes the story, without consulting, since Potter graduates. But its focus is from the reality of the young, the young people of that Caribbean island. They critique their environment, their challenges, using fantasy as a tool to overcome their own reality. At bottom, that Harry Potter is in the title is a rhetorical wink.

The poster design is by itself shocking; But as passionate about the subject of copyright my interest is another.

Will JK Rowling have any idea that this is happening?

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