"I make music to live together, to embrace, to dance, to converse." [Interview with Leiden]

Leiden Interview

We interviewed Leiden, Cuban-Mexican singer-songwriter. He gave us his answers and songs.

Thes The business wheels are places with a hostile public. Filled with critics assessing the artist's live performances with skepticism. They look for something they can take to their spaces. They judge. We judge. What it does not do is an easy scenario.

In such a scenario, we met Leiden. A Cuban-Mexican singer-songwriter who took the stage of Circulart (2015) in Medellín and left us astonished.

Armed with a feathered headdress, an immense smile and a suitcase full of songs he made one of theshowcasesMost beautiful I've seen.

Heartfelt, authentic songs.

Each a trip.

Each discharge of energy, of peace, of longing. Accurate composer Fantastic interpreter. Between applause, percussion hits and an exquisite vibrato hypnotized us.


Since then he has released two more albums. "La vuelta al sol" (2016) with live versions of his first songs ("Turbio el Corazón", "Anhelé" and "When he dreamed" among others) and "The dead also leave flowers" (2017) with indispensable songs like "Lovers" . His songs explore from the bolero to the densest end of alternative pop.

Woe to us !, we sigh while we listen to his songs and we hope he will give us many more.

In one sentence, how would you describe the music you make.

Sincere, in constant search, risky, Latin American, congruent with my center, healer.

What environment do you think best accompanies your music?

Varies, I consider that I make music to live, hug, dance, talk, etc ...

What is the most important thing in a song?

The clarity.

What do you think is yourGreatest hit?

Of songs, I consider the one of Cuando Soñaba. It's a song that was organically viral in Spotify's world lists, and many people continue to know me through it.

Who do the dead leave flowers?

To everyone who sings, forgives and remembers.

Which project that you are involved in today is the one that most excites you?

The perennial project of making songs and sharing them.

Inspiration, luck or talent?


Why creating more?

Creating for me is talking, sharing my point of view while giving an infinite gift.

A song for the pop revolution:

"Hijos del peligro" by Me llamo (Sebastián).

A song to dream:

"Rising" of Lhasa de Sela.

A song to escape:

"Paranoid Android" by Radiohead.

A song to sing to the sea:

"Casa Pronta" by Mallu Magalhaes.

A mistake that even the professionals make:


What good is a lawyer in the arts?

To have everything in order regarding Copyright.

A verse that is gold dust:

"If someone steals food and then gives life, what to do?"

"Playa Girón"
Silvio Rodriguez

A) Rockstarof alternative pop?

Coco Rosie.

 Colombia is in your sights?


[Editor's note: here we wait for you. Always.]

A band is something (I imagine) similar to a family or a couple (polyamorous) [Interview with Juan Manuel Torreblanca]

"I think that there, in other places, there are many songs to be written and discovered." [Interview with Lucio Feuillet]

Lucio Feuillet Interview

We speak with Lucio Feuillet, the most contemporary of the musicians of southern Colombia. He gave us his answers, honest, heartfelt, like the music he makes.

In the 2017 Lucio Feuillet changed the rules of the production of Latin / alternative genre albums.

He released "Provinciano", a video-album, an album recorded live in block, a cohesive album from beginning to end in the era of singles releases.

Reviewed as one of the best albums of the year (and the one I personally heard the most during the past year), "Provinciano" changed the rules. He put the stick too high. He created one more problem for independent musicians - as if they did not have enough - in the best sense. How can a more impactful album be made?

The album counts with the participation of its live musicians and singer-songwriter Marta Gómez, the FatsO group, Javier Andrés Mesa (Guafa Trio), Javier Ojeda (Burning Caravan) and Jairo Paz. Recorded on the stage of Mapa Teatro, the atmosphere envelops and gives an intimate solemnity to each song.

It's a huge leap from "Indicio" (2013) his previous album; his current proposal, increasingly refined, highlights his sounds of southern Colombia. The Galeras volcano is always present in its sound, the "Rs" that sound like "CHs" and the Andean music tradition confronting contemporary pop.

It was a great pleasure for us to talk to Lucio and we hope you are fortunate enough to have purchased tickets for the official release of the album. on Friday 2 of March in theTeatro Estudio, of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (Avenida 170 Street No. 67-51 - San José de Bavaria, Bogotá) - For sale in First Row.

In one sentence, how would you describe the music you make.

South, alternative, song and Latin America! It is a music that speaks a little of what I am, what I see and what I want to look for.

What impact does it have to be born next to a volcano?

It is a constant inspiration. We can feel the power of nature daily, the fragility of life and the strong sensitivity for our environment. Also, the volcano teaches us a lot about the value of the word "respect".

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"Creating is what keeps me excited" [Interview with Elsa and Elmar]

Interview Elsa and Elmar
We talk to Elsa and Elmar, the queen of spiritual pop.

Last week I was at the concert Caloncho in a bar in Bogotá. The Mexican band was opening Technicolor Fabrics and they invited Juan Pablo Vega to sing a song with them.

A group of people next to me asked, "You have not heard Elsa and Elmar?—

They should, I thought.
They should.

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The most important thing is to have a speech behind, to move you and identify you [Interview to Adriana Convers @FatPandora]


We interviewed Adriana Convers (@FatPandora), one of the most important fashion bloggers in Colombia. We talk about almost everything important in life, of power jackets, of having feet in the ground, of empanadas and of influencer marketing.

Adriana Convers, under her pseudonym @Fatpandora, is one of the most effective names in the circles of bloggers fashion, influencers and fashion journalism in Colombia. Your name appears associated with the lists of curvy bloggers to know (El País),plus-size latinas know to understand that weight is not everything (Buzzfeed)and Colombians with more style in Instagram (Publimetro).

He found his edge with a banner he carries with pride: challenging the fashion industry to talk about style with big sizes (and makes it clear that "size L is not plus-size "). And not just talk about the marketplus-size, give it content; break the logic that mannequins are the only form of beauty and refute the idea that weight and style are not compatible. Understand that offering a bigger size does not mean designing for that user. As what he sought to do Megan Trainor with the music… but more consistent. Fat Pandora publishes its blog from 2012 and has built its digital environment in multiple platforms, mainly in Instagram.

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You can say anything in a song. [Interview with El Kanka]

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview

We speak with El Kanka, a Spanish songwriter who has made his mark in Colombia. A cool songwriter, bold with his lyrics, of which we also know that the best must be to come.

Brushstroke - Interviews

This Malaga (from Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, do not Malaga, Santander, Colombia) Has been composing his songs for many years. Many of them have been shared since the YouTube channel Open Mic SessionAnd from Youtube have found their audience.

Three albums after starting to sign with his own name, multiple concerts in Spain and a tour of Colombia, we find a figure who is a reference of the songwriters of this generation.

Many of us heard his music (in Colombia), by his own power found his niche on the other side of the Atlantic.

A type loaded with good humor, that scatters it even in the videos in which he invites to his concerts, he shapes it in the video clips of his songs, in the stories that counts between song and song in his presentations, in the titles that he puts .

-The prize for the best title is taken from his first EP
Of models now condemned to
Dark corners of the internet "Sadder is stealing" -

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