"I'm not bothered by my lyrics" [Interview with Road Ramos]

Interview with Road Ramos

We speak with Road Ramos, Spanish singer-songwriter, fascinating and rebellious.

Road Ramos is a brave voice. We came to her by video on the YouTube channelOpen Micros Session.

We got hooked when he made a version of "The bonfire of the continents" of La Raíz, with a refined and spot on.

And we went through the hole from which you do not return when we heard the "Hymn of silence" and grabbed his music gave us this wonderful interview.

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"Art renews and cures by nature" [Interview with Pedrina, from the Pedrina and Rio duo]

Interview Pedrina and Rio
We interviewed Pedrina, from the Pedrina and Rio duo. To tell us a little about the essence of pink music.
Pedrina and Rio is a pink music duo. Pop pink. In the best of the senses. Their songs are impregnated with cursilería, good emotions, desperate cries, hopes of love sensory explorations.
This Colombian duo took the alternative local scene by storm. He broke any expectation with "Love"And became known nationally and internationally.

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Live from the passion for music [Interview with Stephany Contreras - MusicMuv]

Stephany Contreras - MusicMuv

Stephany Contreras is cofounder of Music MuV, a teaching platform for artists.

MusicMuv Organizes talks and advises musical projects to give artists tools to professionalize their project to expand their impact.

Stephany has turned internationally with her talk "How to live music", Here he tells us some of the things he is working on.

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Musicians need a good dose of marketing (Interview Dani Aragon - Musicalizza)

Dani Aragón - Musicalizza

Dani Aragón de Musicalizza Works on music marketing topics. In his blog he deals with all the topics related to the promotion of musical content, step by step, with great detail and immense generosity. Strategist, visionary in the sector, for many, a genius.

Brushstroke - Interviews

We talk to him before he realizes his design workshops. Musical strategies to be performed in Seville and Las Palmas (Spain) -ESTRATEGIUP-An effective training event, very exclusive, for a reduced capacity of attendees.

Dani introduces himself as a former radio executive (Top 40), who now turns all his energy to give musicians strategies to live their music. Without an office, giving lectures, organizing events, writing on his blog, gives us clues on how to adjust our musical projects. All for the world to know.

El marketing Musical, then, is another point to put on the checklist for any project that wants to keep growing.
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