"Art renews and cures by nature" [Interview with Pedrina, from the Pedrina and Rio duo]

Interview Pedrina and Rio
We interviewed Pedrina, from the Pedrina and Rio duo. To tell us a little about the essence of pink music.
Pedrina and Rio is a pink music duo. Pop pink. In the best of the senses. Their songs are impregnated with cursilería, good emotions, desperate cries, hopes of love sensory explorations.
This Colombian duo took the alternative local scene by storm. He broke any expectation with "Love"And became known nationally and internationally.

Pedrina is methodical, organized, powerful on stage. Rio is a stealthy teacher, with precise interpretations.
They are currently preparing what will be their next album, which will go on sale in 2018. The production of some cuts of the new album will be in charge of Richard Blair (Sidestepper).
We are confident that this Colombian group has many kilometers to go; as musicians, as duo, as managers of mellifluous and enchanting songs.

In a sentence, how would you describe the music you do?

Alternative Latin or better pop: pink music.

How do you make pink music?

It is done when you do not feel sorry for showing your emotions and you think the world needs more emotional frankness.

What is the most important thing in a song?

That it is real, that is to say: that represents what you think and feel, that through the song people can know your personality and identify with you and the music.

What do you think is your greatest hit?

Find a team that understands and respects us musically, professionally and personally. When people come just for their personal interests things stop flowing and everything turns gray. When we all work for a result, surpassing our egos and seeking a common end ... things start to happen that surprise you very positively.

There is a lot of Mexican sounds in what they do, entangled between songs, where does that influence come from?

The Rio family consumed a great deal of Mexican music; so his childhood is full of those memories. When I was a child, I saw Thalía and Chavo so much that I even spoke with the accent; although tex-mex, Selena (and Los Dinos) was my biggest musical inspiration as a girl.
In Colombia we have a tremendous Mexican influence and we share so many customs that we seem from the same country, except for the spicy, the mole and the tortillas.

Which project are you most excited about today?

Pedrinaand Rio is my project of life and I occupy in soul and thought the 24 hours of the day. I love not only the music but everything that happens behind it. I am very excited to work together visual artists, fashion designers, photographers, producers, even lawyers and accountants, and all the people who support us every day with their talent and knowledge.

Inspiration, luck or talent?

I hope that all three will always be united at the same time; but the truth is that it does not always happen. If I had to choose one I think it would beinspiration.

Why creating more?

A doctor knows that his job is to heal, a salesman sells, a driver to drive; but questioning the function of art is the most complicated. How is the music or entertainment in service of the people? What makes what we do not be frivolous or the pursuit of a personal vanity? The answer I found in a coexistence that we did 2 years ago in Mexico City, a girl came up to us very moved and told us that she suffered from depression, that she had heard our music and since her therapist had noticed an improvement; that same day a boy gave me a pin that had been from his deceased brother and said "Eli's Song"Reminded him by making his mourning bearable.
As we have had other experiences that make us understand that the function of art, having intrinsic the action of creating: renew and cure by nature, contrary characteristics of destruction or chaos.

A song for a rainy afternoon

Keeps On Rainin"By Billie Holiday

A song to celebrate a victory

It was nice meeting you"By Rocío Durcal

A song to find the patience when it is necessary:

Do not be hard on yourself"By Jess Glynne

An error that only beginners commit:

Sign contracts without hiring a lawyer.

An error that even the professionals make

Disregard the administrative, legal and financial matters of your company.

What good is a lawyer in the arts?

To avoid tears, remorse and empty pockets. No matter how many times you read a contract and how thick the magnifying glass you use, an attorney is the person who has the knowledge of the rule so you can protect yourself and watch over your interests, as well as putting you to advantage in an eventual negotiation.

Why do not you need a lawyer in the arts?

To remain an unsuspecting and unsuspecting artist, susceptible to be a victim of ignorance, naivety and often bad faith. Even to compose is necessary because it will teach you about copyright.

A phrase in a series that is gold powder

Skyler White: Walt, please, let's both of us stop trying to justify this whole thing and admit you're in danger!
Walter White: I'm not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!
          Breaking Bad (S04E06).

A pink pop rockstar?

Juan Gabriel.

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