13 errors that only beginners make (2017)

All of our interviews are forced to answer the question "What is a mistake that only beginners make?".

This list will continue to grow, with the hope that one day we will stop being beginners.


An error that only beginners make?


"Go out and sing without tuning XD"

The Kanka - Right Rocks - Interview-The Kanka (Songwriter)

[Read the full interview here: "In a song you can say everything".]



"Show things done or created before finishing them".

Maria Linares - CreativeMomings-María Linares
(CreativeMornings / BOG Manager)

[Read the full interview with María Linares here: "There is nothing more powerful than collaborating with other people".]


"Sign contracts without hiring a lawyer".

Interview Pedrina and Rio- Pedrina (Songwriter)

[Read the full interview with Pedrina: "Art renews and heals by nature".]



"To think that everything will be easy and fast."

Interview Elsa and Elmar-Elsa and Elmar (Cantautora)

[Read the full interview with Elsa here: "Creating is what keeps me excited".]



"Believe that one lives to be a blogger".

@FatPandora-Adriana Convers (Fashion Blogger - @FatPandora)

[Read Adriana's full interview here: "The most important thing is to have a speech behind, that moves you and identifies you".]




Stephany Contreras - MusicMuv-Stephany Contreras (Co-founder of Music Muv)

[Read the full interview with Stephany Contreras here: "Live from the passion for music".]



"Sin of conservatives and not risk to create a product with differential attributes."

Dani Aragón - Musicalizza-Dani Aragón (Expert in music marketing -Musicalizza)

[Read the full interview with Dani Aragón here: "Musicians need a good dose of marketing".]



"Be dazzled by the first offer that comes to them."

Nicolás Mateus Manager Esteman-Nicolás Mateus (Music manager - Los Manejadores [Colombia])

[Read the full interview with Nicolás Mateus here: "Do not underestimate self-management".]



"Believe in fairy tales."

Andrés Correa-Andrés Correa (Songwriter)

[Read the full interview with Andrés Correa here: "Creating is a vital drive".]



"Do not read the fine print."

César Gómez - Uonset-César Gómez (CEO of Uonset)

[Read the full interview with César Gómez here: "Crowdfunding in music will continue to grow".]




"Be mediocre and conformist."

Raúl Gutiérrez (Director of Cinema)-Raúl Gutiérrez (Film Director)

[Read the full interview with Raúl Gutiérrez here: "For Santanderean film directors".]



"Your goals are dreams."

Elkin Robinson- Elkin Robinson (Songwriter)

[Read the full interview with Elkin Robinson here: "We are the Rock of the island of Providencia before the arrival of electricity".]



"I would like to be a beginner always. I'm great at making mistakes. They work so well for me even when I try my best to avoid them. But there is an enthusiasm, a curiosity, a naïveté, a freedom in the position of the beginner ... that are the maximum for creativity, for life, for courage, to find freshness, to be and to let it be (art, music, life) ".

Interview Torreblanca- Juan Manuel Torreblanca (Songwriter)

[Read the full interview with Juan Manuel Torreblanca here: "A band is something (I imagine) similar to a family or a couple (polyamorous)".]





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