Plagiarism: Thom Yorke has gastritis and Lana del Rey reasons


Every year there is at least one big case of plagiarism that everyone talks about. This time it arrived fast. Radiohead sued Lana del Rey, arguing that the song "Get Free" (2017) by this artist replicates the iconic "Creep" (1992).

Radiohead sued * Lana del Rey for her song "Get Free" (2017) alleging that plagiarized the melody of "Creep" (1992).

(* Lana del Rey says they sued her, Warner / Chapell released a statement denying this, they can compare the two songs here)

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The moment of inspiration


The moment of inspiration. The muse. All that string of lies we say to call you to creative work.

Label: CopyrightCopyright books begin with a cute chapter, trying to explain what the moment of inspiration is. They do so in lawyer-ish ways, which in a corny way sound like something related to the arts.

In those chapters, they give almost a magical presence to inspiration, when the author manages to leave his hypnotic state of extreme narcissism and doubts that eat him, and creates a new work of art. Any work of art. An intellectual creation.

The mess we are in, is the inability that law has to acknowledge this moment; and paradoxically the equal inability of the arts to describe it.

For copyright, inspiration should not be worth anything.

If copyright does not value artistic merit, neither should it give any thought to the cause of artistic work.

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