Rembrandt recharged

Original Rembrant

While we all fear that our job can be replaced by a robot ... there are robots who paint new paintings by Rembrandt.

there is already Law firms that are replacing their personnel plant with robots that review jurisprudential references And Wired published in February this year an article written by robots.

One more sample of the long line of debates about authoring machines creating new content.

But ... what if they created something new of something old? Something so familiar that was not new at all?

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An original idea is an oxymoron

Original idea

Ideas can not be original. Ideas are only the beginning of a story. Originality requires development. There is no original idea.

Label: CopyrightThere is a certain group of artists who believe that having ideas is a reason for praise. They even do everything in their power to make it big on the poster that the idea was theirs.

Copyright is not paid for ideas.

In the right of entertainment It should not be paid for ideas.

Ideas lack creative weight. Ideas are the prelude to a work. They are the easiest way to define a work and at the same time the diluted and tasteless version.

How many stories has the one hundred with a couple known, then hates and finally reconciled with a kiss?

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The Bike Thief (not Shakira)

Bicycle plagiarism shakira

Shakira and Carlos Vives were sued for plagiarism by Liviam Escallón for allegedly plagiarizing their song "Yo Te Quiero Tanto" when composing "La Bicicleta".

"Do not confuse bravery with temerity." Antonio Escohotado warns in "It's never the same"By Andrés Calamaro; And would not be for less.

Brush-blue-web-right-of-authorOnce again it is shown that praiseworthy is not to sue but to win the demands. This week the Cuban Liviam Escallón sued for plagiarism to Shakira and Carlos Vives for allegedly plagiarizing part of the melodic line and the chorus of his song "I love you so much"(1997) when composing"The bike"(2016).


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