Plagiarism: Thom Yorke has gastritis and Lana del Rey reasons


Every year there is at least one big case of plagiarism that everyone talks about. This time it arrived fast. Radiohead sued Lana del Rey, arguing that the song "Get Free" (2017) by this artist replicates the iconic "Creep" (1992).

Radiohead sued * Lana del Rey for her song "Get Free" (2017) alleging that plagiarized the melody of "Creep" (1992).

(* Lana del Rey says they sued her, Warner / Chapell released a statement denying this, they can compare the two songs here)

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That title is a plagiarism


The title of a work is its name. It's no more. In principle, the work is protected by copyright; But his title, alone and abandoned, failed.

A good title is descriptive.

A good title hooks.

A bad title may, by loose, make the work lose sense or do it justice.

There are hundreds of songs with the same name (eg "Oh Love"). We have all composed (intentionally or unintentionally) a song with a title that someone else had already used.

But is there plagiarism? Can you claim me for baptizing another song under the title "My Love"?

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The Bike Thief (not Shakira)

Bicycle plagiarism shakira

Shakira and Carlos Vives were sued for plagiarism by Liviam Escallón for allegedly plagiarizing their song "Yo Te Quiero Tanto" when composing "La Bicicleta".

"Do not confuse bravery with temerity." Antonio Escohotado warns in "It's never the same"By Andrés Calamaro; And would not be for less.

Brush-blue-web-right-of-authorOnce again it is shown that praiseworthy is not to sue but to win the demands. This week the Cuban Liviam Escallón sued for plagiarism to Shakira and Carlos Vives for allegedly plagiarizing part of the melodic line and the chorus of his song "I love you so much"(1997) when composing"The bike"(2016).


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