Register your musical project's trademark

Trademark Registration

When creating a musical project, there are many issues that must be addressed from the field of art; Although in the legal also there are issues that must be taken into account. One in particular: your trademark.

From "The 5 most common mistakes of a musical project"There is one I would like to add. Musical projects almost never think of their trademarks.

Musical projects need a name that identifies them, that allows the public to recognize them, ask them on the stage. That name, depending on the quality it has, and the strength of the project, should be protected according to the existing alternatives.

The easiest way to protect the name of a music project is to register it as a trademark.

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You do not have to register your works; But you should

Registration of works

A work is yours since it is externalized. It is not necessary to register it. So why register your works?

Label: Copyright


There are 3 reasons:

  1. If someone asks you to prove that you are the owner.
  2. As a test document if there is any dispute about the work.
  3. As part of the works management process.

In the copyright should not exist formalities for a person to have rights over the works he creates. The record only gives you a document to prove it. Although, it is worth highlighting, that the record is the best document to prove it.
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