Bonus Tracks: Gaiman, Godin, Silva

In this rampant atheism that owns me. Some voices and minds are needed to seek consolation, light. For me, Seth Godin, Neil Gaiman and Jason Silva.

Brushstroke-fuchsia-web-articles-recommendedThree oracles that have me talking about what they have said for some time now are Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin and Jason Silva.

Neil Gaiman
, storyteller. Fantastic. Narrator of the fantastic. From their books, even their interviews are loaded with everything that can break reality. How to see the everyday with magic.

Seth Godin will say too, author, inspirational. Marketero empernido del marketing of emotions. Inexhaustible advisor. Half of what it says is a checklist for the survival of communication in the 21st century.

Jason Silva, pop philosopher. Since Shots of Awe but also Mental Games in NatGeo, is a contemporary pop culture analyst who helps unlock any conversation.