Bonus Track: Top 3 masters of Pop composition

Clay Mills Sheila Davis Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison, Sheila Davis and Clay Mills are masters of composition. Without another message that: you have to be concise. All parties should point to the same place.

Brushstroke-fuchsia-web-articles-recommendedAll elements of a song must be aligned to convey the same message. Thus the message is unstable. So be chaotic. Everything must be intertwined; Without being repetitive; Without tiring.

Composing songs makes me a better lawyer. Best teacher.
It serves as therapy to organize the head.

It must be another form of therapy; Like yoga or coloring mandalas.

  1. Pat PattisonIs the materialization of the lyricist. His books are travel guides -Writting better lyrics"and "Essential guide to rhyming"- mandatory reference and ritual consultation. His phonetic analyzes of English are applicable to Spanish without major traumatisms.
    (FB: / @patpattison TW: / @patpattison)
  2. Sheila Davis wroteThe craft of lyric writting"After evaluating thousands of songs of other composers; Doing a kind of institutional tutoring. There is no other place where the structures of Pop are defined more clearly and the function of each part of the song as in his book.
    (I did not find anywhere a picture of Sheila Davis ... if they have one, they always welcome it)
  3. Clay Mills Is a country songwriter. Part of the duo behind SongTown. They have A composition masterclass, With a comparison between amateurs and professionals, which is worth seeing if you are starting to compose songs. Gold dust.
    (FB: / @claymillsmusic TW: / @claymills)




Class of composition with Pat Patison

Sheila Davis composition book

Sheila davis - The craft of Lyric Writing

Clay Mills

Bonus Track: 3 Top of Millenial Problem Decrypters


Starting is necessary. Imperative. To continue is imminent.

It is also not letting ourselves be discouraged. Between millenials we understand each other.


This blog deals with issues of law and entertainment, but I also want to leave a space to launch some complementary ideas.

In 2016 I found 3 videos that managed to unclog many of the projects I had. These three characters I catalog as decipherers of theMillenial problem.

  1. Alain de Botton And its initiative in The School of Life. A YouTube channel with all the emotional education we've missed. With a splendid and hypnotic locution.
  2. Adam Conover And his series Adam Ruins Everything. Following the scientific proclamation that would say "It is better to know that we continue to deceive ourselves". It further alleges that Millenials do not exist... and he's right.
  3. Simon Sinek With the best slap planted in the cheek of a "Millenial ".


Creative projects need an immense amount of consistency; perseverance. I think a blog of these characteristics requires the same thing. Here a pair ofBonus tracks.

"That's why thanks, Youtube, for everything you give us"
- Fernando Moreno ... in any video ofTyrants Tremble


Alain de Botton - School of Life

Adam Conover - Adam Ruins Everything

Simon Sinek - Understanding The Game We're Playing


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Startwithwh (CC BY-SA 3.0)